Like Yamato no Orochi, the legendary dragon that lends us his name, the Group has eight heads. With our support, each of our subsidiaries is at the very forefront of innovation and excellence in their field.

Our companies

The world leader in biotechnology and genetic research, we work to unlock the full human potential in the present, and safeguard it from harm in the generations to come.

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As a major provider of power and alternative energy solutions around the globe, we recognise that a constantly-growing world has a constantly-growing need for clean, renewable energy.
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More than a food producer, our research technologies explore methods for providing healthy, sustainable foodstuffs that are good for you, and good for the environment
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Manticore Research Group
The gains made by our multinational aerospace, global security and advanced technology group feed directly into consumer technologies, for you, through Manticore Industries.
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Anansi Technologies
We provide the hardware and software solutions an ever-changing high-tech culture demands. Where others plan for obsolescence, Anansi aims beyond the cutting edge.
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Faust Capital
From the personal to the multinational scale, we believe stability and transparency should be the pillars of a financial institution. That belief informs our banking and investment solutions.
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QBL Media
Information is one of our most precious commodities. Across the QBL group of media companies, we deliver the insight you need now, and the hindsight for your future.
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The developing world calls for developing solutions. Through Plethron, we apply Vali research and technology to provide major advances in the creation and management of arable land.
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